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Electrical Emergency and Breakdown Cover - Summary of Cover

What is covered?

If there is a breakdown of your domestic electrical wiring, you’re covered for parts, labour and call-out charges up to £500 per claim


Your domestic electrical wiring is the permanent electrical wiring system in your property supplying electrical power including: wall sockets, switches, bulb sockets and fuse boxes all beyond the electricity company’s supply meter.

For example: damaged or broken fuse box /consumer unit, burnt out wiring to a light fitting, damaged wiring to shaving socket, faulty wiring to an immersion heater or broken light switch.

These are examples only – there are many other breakdowns that can occur which would also be covered.

What is not covered?

The main exclusions are: The repair of domestic appliances, routine electrical maintenance tasks such as changing light bulbs, existing problems of which you are aware, faults/permanent repair work which you have been advised as necessary to avoid an emergency or breakdown, the repair of portable appliances, the repair of portable or fixed heating.

When can I ask for my money back?

If you suffer an electrical emergency, which makes your home uninhabitable or could be a risk to health, an electrician will aim to attend within within 4 hours or you can ask for your money back.

What is an electrical emergency?

Emergency: sudden and unforeseen damage to the domestic electrical wiring which immediately:

exposes you to a risk to your health or creates a risk of loss of or damage to the property and any of your belongings forming part of or normally contained within the property,or makes the buildings uninhabitable

When can I make a claim?

Your policy starts the day your application is processed and lasts for a year. However, to prevent fraudulent claims on pre-existing problems and therefore help keep premiums low, there is a 14 day waiting period during which you cannot make a claim, providing you with 11 and a half months' cover in your first year of cover.

Am I eligible to apply?

All homeowners are eligible to apply, unless the property is a mobile home, bed sit, in multiple occupancy or is used for commercial purposes, in which case the property can’t be covered. Council tenants will not need this service and private tenants are advised to check with their landlord before applying.

What if I move house?

When you move house, your Electrical Emergency and Breakdown Cover moves with you. Just call us with your new address and your cover will be transferred we may have to attend site to have a basic visual.

How many claims can I make?

There is no limit to the number of claims you can make.

What if I am not satisfied?

If the insurance policy does not provide the cover you need, you should return your Policy Summary to  Customer Admin Department, within 28 days of the start of the period of insurance or within 28 days of the day you receive the policy documents, whichever is the later.

Any premium paid will be refunded in full, providing no claim has been made. If you cancel after this 28 day period (which includes the statutory fourteen day cancellation period), your policy will remain in force.

Electrical Emergency & Breakdown Cover

There is electrical wiring all around your home, supplying energy for your everyday needs. If the wiring to your lights was faulty, you could be left in the dark searching for a reliable electrician to repair the damage. With Electrical Emergency and Breakdown Cover, brought to by our selves, when problems do occur you can get them fixed fast, with a two hour emergency response aim from qualified tradesmen.

How much does it cost?

There is an initial 14 day period when you are not covered, giving you 11.5 months of cover in your first year; therefore the effective cost of cover is £5.89 a month.


Who needs this cover?

Electrical Emergency and Breakdown Cover meets the needs of homeowners who require insurance and assistance in the event of an electrical emergency or breakdown at their domestic property.

Examples of What's Covered?

Examples of What's not Covered?

X Electrical Emergency & Breakdown

X All non-permanent wiring/electrics, e.g. kettles, fairy lights or any other appliances with plugs;

X Shower unit or immersion heater unit;

X Routine electrical maintenance tasks including replacing light bulbs, fluorescent tubes and decorative light fittings and replacing fuses in plugs.